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Introducing The Little Homeschool Library

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Today we introduce the first of several great resources that will make up “The Little Homeschool Library”.

These are wonderful, top-of-the-line downloadable resources — curriculum, audio collections, tutorials and more — designed especially for homeschoolers, at prices anyone can afford (especially if you take advantage of the Introductory Price sales) and ONLY available at The Little Homeschool Library.

Also, these resources include a HUGE and I mean HUGE added bonus that is exclusive to The Little Homeschool Library. Once you’ve ordered a copy of one of these titles, you will see for yourself… but let’s just say if you’ve always wanted to make a little extra money online but did not know how, this WILL be your answer.

Our first release is “How to Play the Piano By Ear”.

It is a delight.

The price for this first resource?

A mere $4.95, until the end of May.

To check it out, click here: The Little Homeschool Library