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Joan of Arc / The Endless Story

Monday, April 30th, 2007

This week’s new “Living Books for the Ears” programs are up and running!

This time around we take two audio trips into the past:

The tragic, true story of Joan of Arc... a heroine of France at age 17, burned at the stake at 19.

Plus the tale of a King who never wanted his stories to end… until he was outwitted at his own game… “The Endless Tale”! 

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Our “Sister Site” is getting Rave Reviews!

Friday, April 27th, 2007

We’ve got our new “sister site” up and running, and it is already chock full of fun and educational stuff to delight your family. Check it out… and tell a friend!

Great Homeschool Videos

Michelangelo and the Chapel Ceiling

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

This week’s program:


He was a sculptor, not a painter… but when pressed, he spent four long years lying on his back painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel… painting the entire 40 feet wide by 130 feet long area himself with no assistants or helpers. Here’s a great audio “biography” of the brilliant sculptor and artist Michelangelo… focusing on his supreme achievement, the painting of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

…AND, if you read this week’s newsletter very carefully, you MAY just find a way cool surprise your kids are gonna love!

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Something So Small…

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Something So Small

“Hey mom, can we get this?” my kids ask as we make our way through Sam’s Club. I look at what they are pointing to: Cheetos. “Sure”. Later that week after snack time, the kids are going wild – bouncing off the walls, being loud and obnoxious and I think to myself, “Well, I’m certainly glad that we live out in the middle of now where, where no one can see this!!!”

Several weeks later we are back in Sam’s Club for a quick stop before heading off to a Church event. “Mom, if I’m real good, can I get a Cherry Slurpee on the way out?” ‘Oh, the perfect bribe’ I think and then answer, “Sure!”. They were both great, so we got two Cherry Slurpee’s on the way out. It took us about 30 min to get there…they jumped out of the car and into pandemonium! I was mortified. I didn’t understand why my two angels were acting like, well like very bad kids! They had just proven themselves at Sam’s Club. They were fantastic kids, very polite and courteous to everyone. What happened?

The next Sunday as I picked up Ian from Sunday School, the teacher mentioned that he was a great kid for about the first 30 min, then he was just out of control. Hmmmm. This was just too much for me. I couldn’t take this any more. What in the world was happening? I mean, when we lived in the city they had outbursts like this, but once we moved to the mountains, I thought all that would just go away. It didn’t. But I was determined to find out what was happening. So I started asking questions. What were they doing in Sunday School that day, what did they eat/drink? They had cheese and crackers for snack with Hawaiian Punch to wash it down with.

I went back over all the other times that my normally good children acted like little apes and tried to see what activity, what food, what drink was the same each time. Then I found it: the golden thread: Cheetos, Cherry Slurpee, Hawaiian Punch… Red or Orange Dye! All at once I remembered the Dr’s telling me to watch out for that Red and Orange Dye and how it affects some kids very badly. Very badly was an understatement! I wish I had heeded the Dr’s words more carefully earlier in our lives, but…better late than never as they say.

Diet and Special Needs kids seem to go hand in hand. Of course, home dynamic’s can also play a huge roll in the emotional and physical health of anyone, but by far, THE most important change we’ve made in our household was the elimination of Red and Orange Dye!

“Oh, why that’s so easy” you might say, but stop and think about it for a moment. What color is Cheetos, Doritos, Cherry Slurpee, Cherry fruit roll ups, Cherry/Strawberry anything? The list of favorite snack foods that have Red or Orange Dye in them are amazing and very, very long!!!

This change was a hard sell in our house – but a necessary one! It’s so amazing that something so small can make such a huge difference in our daily life.

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About the Author: Maggie is married to her best friend Dave. They live in the mountains of Southern California where they homeschool their kids. Their son has Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, ODD along with a multitude of Learning Disabilities. Their daughter is “normal” - hyperactive, but “normal”. You can visit them at

Dick Whittington and His Cat

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

This Week’s Program:


A poor peasant boy in 14th Century England decides to seek his fortune in London town… but things go from bad to worse for him… until he hears a message in the tower bells and makes acquaintance with a most unusual cat.

This fascinating folk tale is loosely based on the very REAL story of Richard Whittington, a peasant who ended up serving as the mayor of London… FOUR times over.

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A gift from us to you…

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

We’ve got a link to a delightful new ebook for you in this week’s newsletter. If you are down or frustrated or just need a lift, sit down with a cup of coffee and read this little book. This is just the thing to lift your spirits and make you run and hug your family. It is great, and it is free. Get your copy, and then tell a friend about it.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

This week’s program: Jules Verne’s classic adventure tale, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. This is a great audio adaptation, full of action and suspense!

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Back again!

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Woo hoo!

Finally… Two of our all time bestselling CD collections AVAILABLE AGAIN for a limited time! Just click on either of the CD covers above and take a look at the many, many wonderful audio treasures that are included in these massive collections. (Some of our favorite stories of all time are on these.) If you’d like a huge library of great history, science & literature audio stories at your fingertips to plug into your studies whenever needed, you’ll definitely want to get one… or both… of these!

Easter Stories

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Two great Easter season stories for you this week…

The Passion, Death & Resurrection of Christ


The Story of Little Tree

Both wonderful audio stories for the entire family!

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