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A while back, I edited and illustrated our brand new editions of Lettice Bell's excellent Bible story books for kids.  These are some of the best Bible story books ever  - wonderfully written  for young readers & great for reading aloud too. Your kids (especially boys) will love these!  I invite you to take a look at this bundle of downloadable stories and audio I've put together for you. With all these classic stories and over 6 hours of great audio readings & programs, your family will use these for years to come.  - Love, Jess Erskine

Here's what I've included in this great bundle for you:

Bible Boys
by Lettice Bell
illustrations by Jessica Erskine
108 pages, PDF ebook
Published by Homeway Press

Joseph, Moses, Mephibosheth, David,
Samuel, Joash, Solomon, Abijah, & Jesus...

How and why did God use these boys, in their youth and weakness, to accomplish great and mighty works? And what can we learn from their amazing stories of providence, and faith?

The scriptural stories of these nine boys, who each played a vital part of God's unfolding plan, are retold in this wonderfully engaging classic book for younger readers by master storyteller Lettice Bell, and illustrated by Jessica Erskine. Bible Boys can be enjoyed as a story or "read aloud", or may also be used as an interactive tool to guide young readers into the scriptures themselves. (Be sure to take a look at the PDF sampler to see how this works.)

Want to see a Preview of this book? Click here to download an excerpt!

Who is Lettice Bell?

Though virtually unknown today, Alice Lettice Bell was once a well known English author of children's religious books and an accomplished watercolor landscape painter during the early 1900s. She wrote many hugely popular Bible story books for young readers, including  The Boiling Cauldron, A Famous Fisherman,  The Lost Garden, and many others. We are updating many of her books for modern readers so a new generation of children can discover and treasure them just like their great, great great grandparents did before them!

Bible Battles
by Lettice Bell & Jessica Erskine

108 pages, PDF ebook
Published by Homeway Press

Bring the Mighty Battles & Deeds of Joshua, Gideon & Saul to Life for your Kids
- and Discover Again What Their Stories Can Teach Us Today!

This newly revised edition of this wonderful, but long-forgotten Bible story book tells the stories of Joshua, Gideon and Saul and how they led God's people in the amazing battles and wars recounted in the pages of the Old Testament. These tales of their mighty exploits and daring deeds are full of danger, adventure and suspense, but they also remind us clearly of God's providence and direction in our own lives. Bible Battles can be enjoyed as a story or "read aloud", or may also be used as an interactive tool to guide young readers into the scriptures themselves. (Be sure to take a look at the sample chapters to see how this works.)

Want to see a Preview of this book? Click here to download an excerpt!

Here's what others have said about the
Bible Boys & Bible Battles books:

Hello! My name is David (age 13) and I immediately sat down and read the book when it arrived!  I loved it and read it straight through!  I like everything and cannot say there is anything I didn't like in the book.  The book is well written, great illustrations and offers an interesting and exciting spin on bible stories.  My family was particularly impressed with the cover illustration and I feel inspired to try my hand at drawing more! Thank you for making the book available! - David L.

We are thoroughly enjoying your book.  Our son, Wyatt, loves anything history especially involving battles and the like.  Add in that it is from the Bible and he is sucked in completely.  ;-)  For that fact he is enjoying your book immensely.  For me, I like that it gives him a chance to get more "Bible drills" in by looking up the passages.  This is also increasing his knowledge of where things are in the Bible, increasing his vocabulary, giving him a drive to read past the story to find out more information and basically giving a reluctant reader a desire to read. I am so thankful for you all offering this book.  It has meant a great deal to us and Wyatt.  It is one that will be a part of our homeschool books for years to come.
- Janet K.

We have been using the book Bible Battles for devotionals. We have really enjoyed it. My oldest son, almost 12, doesnt want me to stop reading. I bought it because I hoped he would get more interested in the soldiers of the Bible. He loves war stories and soldiers. It worked! He has really enjoyed the stories and I am glad to have this book because these stories are true. They are about men who loved God and believed Him and followed even when the command didnt make sense. Reading the book has encouraged me and reminded me of what a wonderful, faithful,powerful and victorious God I serve. Thank you for making the book available. Sincerely, Joanna

Have You "Skipped Over"
the Old Testament Prophets
Because They're "Just Too Hard"
for your kids to understand?

Maybe it's time you
let them discover the
amazing story & lessons
they've been missing...

Introduce your Family to the Unforgettable, Life-Changing Story of "The Weeping Prophet"
In this Wonderful AUDIOBOOK that Brings This Key Book of the Old Testament
to Vivid Life for Your Kids and Family!

The Boiling Cauldron: The Story of Jeremiah the Prophet
by Lettice Bell

I know some folks at first glance might think from that title that this is a story about witches and magic, but it isn't that at all... The Boiling Cauldron is actually a long-forgotten,  faithful retelling of the events of the Old Testament book of Jeremiah, written for young readers a hundred years ago by a great writer named Lettice Bell, whose work today is completely out-of-print.  The thing that got us excited about this book when we discovered it a few years back was how it really makes the events and characters of the book of Jeremiah come to life for young reader. The Old Testament prophets, and Jeremiah in particular, are admittedly difficult to follow and comprehend -- but this story does a wonderful job familiarizing the listener with Jeremiah's life and message through the years of his ministry, all the while applying his words to our lives today with wisdom and insight.

Want to Hear a Sample from the Audiobook? Click here!

Honestly, most Christian families treat this Old Testament book as something of a pariah: It's just "there" but forever remains unknown, unexplored and unappreciated (often because the parents don't really "get it" themselves). The Boiling Cauldron truly opens up  this book of the Bible to your kids and will give them a lifetime familiarity and appreciation of it's characters, events and message. You'll love it!

Listen... Study... Search... and Learn!

We're giving you "The Boiling Cauldron" in two formats in this downlodable collection, so you can use this great resource at different levels. Younger students can just listen and learn... middle and older students can read along, and even "dig" right into the Bible itself for some extra research and exploration. Whatever age your kids are, you can use "The Boiling Cauldron" as a great curriculum resource for some exciting Old Testament studies.

1) Full Length Audiobook
First, you have the complete 5+ hour long Audiobook in MP3 format for your family to listen to, learn from, and enjoy.
Since these are MP3 audio files, you can easily listen to this on your computer, iPod, iPad, or any other MP3 compatible device!

2) Interactive Ebook / Workbook
We've also included the complete text in PDF e-book format. What makes this much more useful for homeschoolers and Bible students is that it allows your students to look up specific scripture references throughout the story.   This helps your students gain familiarity with the actual Bible text and helps them see where and how it directly relates to the story they are following in the book.


Over 20 Extra Bonus Resources:

The Story of David & Goliath
by Darryl Taylor

Radio Edition of the Bible:
The Shepherd Boy

The Story of Jonah
by Darryl Taylor

Samson & The Lion

Tales from the Great Book
Two classic volumes of Bible Stories told in comic book format. Kids love these!
Joshua Marches on Jericho
King Saul and the Witch of Endor
Elijah the Prophet
The Tower of Babel
Joash the Boy King
The Unselfish Love of Ruth

Classic Bible Stories in PDF ebook format
for children and readers of all ages from generations past!

Classic Bible Story Books from Generations Past

We've also included the following PDF format Bible storybooks from the 1700s and 1800s on this collection.
These are filled with Bible Stories, lessons, parables, prayers and beautiful illustrations... wonderful material
for Bible learning and moral training, family devotionals, reading aloud, and sharing with young people of all ages.
Highly reccommended!

The Boy's Influence on Those Around Him
The Child's Scripture History in Question and Answer Form
The Good Voices: A Child's Guide to the Bible
The Child's Bible: Old & New Testament Stories and Songs Retold
The Child's History of Jerusalem
The Little Child's Book of Divinity
Hymns for Little Children

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Bible Stories Bundle for $27
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